Perfume Samples Creed, Amouage, Parfums de Marly

Creed Perfume samples

CREED also manufacture their own natural essences, using the traditional infusion technique – a costly process, now abandoned by most perfume companies. ‘I have one core belief,’ he’s been quoted as saying, ‘and one only: we must always use ingredients which are natural. I’ve travelled thousands of miles to find the right fruit or flower. My bergamot comes from Calabria. My favourite iris is from Florence. I found a rare and extraordinary sandalwood at Mysore, in India…’

Perhaps CREED‘s most celebrated fragrance of all, though, is one of the masculine creations: Aventus for Men – a true sensation, around the world and cited by as by far ‘The Ultimate Best-Smelling Cologne for Men’, based on on-line reviews. Aventus for Mens has a place alongside classics like Green Irish TweedRoyal Water and breezy Virgin Island Water.

Amouage Perfume samples

Luxury, sensuousness and elegance – terms that describe the most expensive perfume in the world. Amouage is a luxurious perfume house founded 25 years ago in the Sultanate of Oman, in order to reintroduce the valuable legacy of Arabian perfume manufacture to the region of its origins. They are unique fragrances with a scent of seduction and subtlety that touch the senses and the soul in equal measure. Now available in over 30 countries worldwide, the House of Amouage satisfies the demands of an international clientele. Amouage offers the modern world the most luxurious Arabian perfume tradition whose opulent olfactory beauty transcends time and space. The name Amouage was selected with great care. Although “Amouage” sounds French, it is a purely conceptual term composed of the Arabian expression “amwaj” on the one hand, which more or less means the wave, and, on the other hand, of the French word for love “amour”. Thus, broadly speaking, Amouage means “the waves of emotion”. The unique name perfectly reflects the spirit of the fragrances, their elegance, their glamour and their emotion.

Parfums de Marly Perfume samples

Each perfume by Parfums de Marly has a high recognition value and a distinctive character. That is already underscored by the “”Royal Essence”” supplement in the brand logo, as the creations really are royal and of just as exceptional quality. The brand is known for crossing limits and and even for combining essences in one perfume that don’t seem immediately coherent at first glance. However, the company’s experienced perfumers then apply such a sure instinct that even high-contrast fragrances are unbelievably atmospheric and harmonious. As long as no unisex fragrance is involved, the respective fragrances are very precisely tailored to the sexes. Thus, as usual, predominantly light and very open fragrances are manufactured for women, while the structure of a masculine perfume may quite well turn out to be a lot heavier. Combined with the chic flacons, perfect fragrance creations are the result! Thanks for perfume samples.